Demolition & Grading


Whether your next project is a simple house demolition or a complex historic building renovation seeking LEED certification, Baldwin has the experience and qualified personnel to help you reach your goals. 

Building Demolition

Mobile homes, residential homes, duplexes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and hotels.

Selective Demolition

Building facade remodels, partial bridge demolition, underground tank removal, dismantling bulk storage tanks, and removing selected portions of buildings.

Interior Demolition

Partial and complete interior removals (flooring, walls, ceilings, cabinetry, roof, etc.) including mechanical, electrical and plumbing removals. We have also worked in airports, hospitals and schools and understand their unique needs.


Land clearing, site preparation, rough and finish grades, and building pads.


1. Can I knock down my own building?

-We are happy to let you have the first crack at it!

2. Do I have to get an asbestos survey? 

-There are some exceptions, but the quick answer is yes.

3. How long does it take to tear down a house?

-We can demolish and completely clean up a 1,500sf house in one day!